Underground Mine Dewatering

Central America

Tsurumi's heavy-duty submersible dewatering pumps have been in use in mines all over the world for many years.
This mine in Central America also has LH-series submersible high head drainage pumps installed to drain spring water from the underground mine, which is several hundred meters below ground. The spring water is collected in a pit inside the mine and pumped to the surface by a submersible pump installed there.
The LH-series submersible pumps with 110 kW motor used at this site is made of high-chromium cast iron with excellent abrasion resistance for the impeller and mouth ring/suction mouth to withstand harsh conditions at the site. The pump section has "seal pressure relief ports" that prevent pump pressure from being applied to the mechanical seal. Furthermore, the pump discharge design is a flow-thru design that forcibly cools the motor to withstand extensive operation at low water levels.
This allows the motor to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any problems, even in demanding conditions.

  • Submersible high head drainage pump


High Head Dewatering Pumps
(Single Impeller)
Model : LH
LH6110 [ Bore: 150mm, Motor Output: 110kW ]
LH8110 [ Bore: 200mm, Motor Output: 110kW ]

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