Wastewater Drainage Pump for Garbage Truck Wash


Tsurumi delivered a newly developed submersible smashing cutter pump from its CZ-series to a waste collector and transporter in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is being used to feed wastewater that contains solid matter -- produced when washing their garbage trucks -- to a drum screen. Tsurumi proposed the CZ-series because its crushing and shredding mechanism would lower the risk of the pump clogging, which was happening frequently with the previous pump the operator was using. Three months after installation, inspections did not find any wear in the impeller and spurred strong praise from the customer of the pump's durability and how it handles solid matter.


Pumps with Channel Impeller
(Crushing and Shredding Mechanism)
Model : CZ
100CZ42.2 [ Bore: 100mm, Motor Output: 2.2kW ]

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