Rainwater Drainage System for Factory


We delivered a number of submersible pumps and incidental equipment to this factory as a rainwater drainage system for dealing with the recent increase in torrential rains.
The submersible wastewater pumps are divided amongst two pits on the site where rainwater collects.
The incidental equipment was a full package of operating panels, water level gauges, etc.


Pumps with Channel Impeller Model : B
TO500B855 (Customized product) [ 5 units ]
High-Head Dewatering Pumps
(Single Impeller)
Model : LH
 LH35.5 (Customized product) [ 2 units ]
Float Switches Level Sensor Model : MC
MC-2 [ 8 units ]
Others Water level gauge
Outdoor self-standing operating panel (Stainless steel)

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