Gravel Washing


The out-dated floating grab dredge plant for gravel digging on the Urner Lake was to be modernized.

4 units of LH837 and 2 units of LH422 were supplied as the replacement of the old centrifugal pumps.

The pebbles are transferred with the help of an excavator from the bottom of the lake to the ship. A huge amount of water with a certain pressure is necessary to wash and sort the pebbles on the ship.

The LH pumps were installed in the ship's body into shafts where they pumped the lake's water to the cleaning system.

The advantages of the installation of submersible pumps are the much lower noise level and the lower energy consumption, amortizing this investment very quickly.


High-Head Dewatering Pumps Model : LH
LH422 [ 2 units ]
LH837 [ 4 units ]

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