Bendemeer Station Contract C933


Singapore has been expanding the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in recent years. The Downtown Line (DTL) is the fifth MRT Line in the country and on completion it will be Singapore's longest automated underground line. The DTL is the third line in Singapore to be entirely underground. When fully completed, this line which is 44 km long with 36 stations will connect North Western and Central Eastern regions to the downtown.

Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. was being awarded a Contract C933 at S$215.24 million (USD160 million). The Contract C933 comprises the construction and completion of Bendemeer station and twin bored tunnels between Bendemeer and Geylang Bahru station and also between Bendemeer and Jalan Besar station which undercrosss shophouses and existing structures.

A total of four Earth Pressure Balanced (EPB) Tunnel Boring Machines were used to mine 4 km of tunnel drives. The contract also includes the construction and completion of two escape shafts connecting to the main bored tunnels.

Main construction of the Contract C933 starts from Year 2012, and is expected to complete by Year 2017. During construction period, the following Tsurumi Pump models were used. The LH422 pump for main shaft dewatering, the KTV2-50, KTV2-80 and the NKZ3-D4 pumps for tunnel dewatering, the KTZ35.5 for washing bay, the KTZ411, LSC1.4S, LSP1.4S and HS-series pumps for general dewatering.


Portable Dewatering Pumps Model: HS
Dewatering Pumps Model: LH422
Model: KTZ35.5, KTZ411
Slurry Pumps Model: KTV2-50, KTV2-80
Model: NKZ3-D4
Portable Residue Dewatering Pumps Model: LSC1.4S
Self-Priming Residue Dewatering Pump Model: LSP1.4S

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