Bai Dinh Temple

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Tsurumi LH-series, high-head dewatering pumps were delivered to Bai Dinh Temple in Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. This Buddhist temple has the largest site area in Southeast Asia and is getting a lot of attention as a new tourist site.

Two big ponds were made in the garden of this temple, but it was necessary to pump water from a natural lake located at the foot of a hill as this temple has been built on a hill. At first, the lake water was pumped up from the lake to a pond located at the altitude of 50 meters, and then it is pumped from the pond to another pond at the altitude of 100 meters.
The pump installed at the lake has been set on a drum pontoon and has been operating in a floating manner so as not to suck the bottom sand. A total of three LH-series pumps are being used in this application.


High-Head Dewatering Pumps Model : LH
LH637 [ 2 units ]
LH645 [ 1 unit ]

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