Top-of-the-Line Submersible Mixers with an IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor TSURUMI AVANT MMR-series

Feb, 2022

Japan's premier manufacturer of submersible pumps

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells pumps and related equipment under the Tsurumi Pump brand name, submersible pumps being key products. Since its foundation in 1924, for over 95 years, Tsurumi has led the industry as an innovative driver in the field of submersible pumps by putting itself in the user's shoes when it comes to product development and design.
TSURUMI AVANT is a new product brand developed by Tsurumi with an eye on the future of the pump and wastewater treatment equipment markets. The MMR-series features premium grade submersible mixers with a built-in IE3 premium efficiency motor.
Submersible mixers are the most practical and efficient solution for mixing, agitating, homogenizing and equalizing wastewater at treatment facilities. They are used in aerobic as well as anaerobic and anoxic stages of wastewater treatment processes to prevent sedimentation and maintain constant concentration levels in the tanks.



  • Propeller: 200 - 650 mm
  • Motor Output: 0.75 - 7.5 kW

State-of-the-art engineering solutions

The durable compact MMR mixers come in standard with EN-GJL-250 cast iron body, AISI 316 stainless steel propeller, AISI 431 stainless steel shaft and Tsurumi's typical dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces in the oil chamber. As an option, models are also available with a stainless steel body made of AISI 316. Either way, these high quality mixers guarantee users a high level of reliability and stability.
The MMR-series can be chosen from a wide lineup of propeller sizes (200 - 650 mm) and motor outputs (0.75 - 7.5 kW). Moreover, an array of accessories is available for installing the mixers anywhere inside a tank as a new installation or replacement of existing equipment.

Engineering for a more sustainable world

The TSURUMI AVANT brand embodies Tsurumi's corporate philosophy of "being water- and people-friendly". With the energy-savings of the MMR-series, Tsurumi is taking concrete steps to conserve resources and help realize sustainable lifestyles and business practices. Understanding how water is an inseparable part of human life and endeavor, Tsurumi remains fully committed to supplying products and technologies that enable users to protect and control this valuable resource. For more information, contact Tsurumi Manufacturing.

All series and models are indicated with Tsurumi codes.



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