Marina Barrage


To cope with the escalating demand of water supply and shortage of catchment areas, Public Utilities Board of Singapore has launched a 4-year project to construct a reservoir in the city, The MARINA BARRAGE.

The $226 million contract was to build a barrage across the marina channel to isolate fresh water within the basin from the sea to achieve a catchment for fresh water, a flood control for the downtown area, and a scenic venue for recreation and other lifestyle activities.

Since the commence date of the project in 2005, Tsurumi (Singapore) supplied tens of dewatering pumps including slurry pumps for the dewatering works along the coast area.


Slurry Pumps Model : NKZ
NKZ3-D6 [ 6 units ]
NKZ3-80H [ 3 units ]
NKZ3-100H [ 12 units ]

Model : KRS
KRS2-150 [ 5 units ]
Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
KTZ47.5 [ 2 units ]
High-Head Dewatering Pumps Model : LH
LH-615 [ 1 unit ]

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