Submersible Self-Aspirating Aerators

Air-inlet Bore(mm) 32 - 150
Motor Output(kW) 0.75 - 40

The TRN-series is a submersible self-aspirating aerator designed for aeration and mixing of wastewater. The liquid flow generated by Tsurumi's special semi-open impeller causes negative pressure to form on the backside of the impeller vanes and draw in air from above the water's surface. The aspirated air, mixed with water viciously by mechanical forces inside the impeller and guide vane, transforms into tiny bubbles. Moreover, the mixed flow of air and water is evenly discharged in multiple directions along the circumference. The compounded action of the air lift and convective currents that are generated in the process makes aeration and agitation very efficient and increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water.

Application to Deeper Installation
Each aerator has a limit in its installation depth, but Tsurumi provides an optional device by which the aerator can be installed in deeper places. It is a simple stand or a stand with draft tube. Details are available on request.

Air Flow Rate - Water Depth Curves

(The air flow rates are expressed at the standard condition, i.e. temperature of 20℃, 1 atm and may vary by up to approximately 5%)

Model Selection
Water Depth*1
32 32TRN2.75 0.75 Three D.O.L. 10 3.5
32 32TRN21.5 1.5 Three D.O.L. 12 3.5
50 50TRN42.2 2.2 Three D.O.L. 12 3.6
50 50TRN43.7 3.7 Three D.O.L. 12 4
50 50TRN45.5 5.5 Three D.O.L. 15 4
80 80TRN47.5 7.5 Three D.O.L. 15 4.5
80 80TRN412 12 Three Star-Delta 15 6
80 80TRN417 17 Three Star-Delta 15 6
100 100TRN424 24 Three Star-Delta 22 6
150 150TRN440 40 Three Star-Delta 25 6

*1 Max. water depth is the load limit of the motor. The load placed on the motor increase the deeper the submersible aerator is installed, therefore if the aerator is operated below the max. water depth, the overload will trip the motor protection device and stop the aerator from running continuously.