Self-Priming Residue Dewatering Pump

Suction x Discharge Bore(mm) 25 x 25
Motor Output(kW) 0.48

The LSP pump is a single-phase portable self-priming residue drainage pump incorporating a submersible motor. The suction attachment, supplied as standard, makes the pump drain water down to floor level. The pump is equipped with a siphon breaker mechanism that prevents reverse-flow when the pump stops its operation. It is lightweight and easy to carry, as the major components are made of aluminum alloy and synthetic rubber. Since it incorporates a submersible pump, there is absolutely no problem even it is submerged in water. The flow-thru design provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry-run capability.

Model Selection
Suction x Discharge
25 x 25 LSP1.4S 0.48 Single Capacitor Run