Portable Residue Dewatering Pumps

Discharge Bore(mm) 50
Motor Output(kW) 0.4

The HSR pump is a submersible single-phase portable residue drainage pump. It can start pumping if there is water with its level of 5mm or more and can continue pumping the water level goes down to 1mm. The rubber lined base plate protects the floor surface from scratching. Though the pump is a single-phase unit, it has the durability equivalent to three-phase drainage pumps as the wear parts are made of abrasion-resistant materials. The pump adopts the side dischange, spiral design. The discharge direction is selectable between vertical and inclined, which prevents folding or bending of the discharge hose.

Performance Curve

*The curve shows the pump performance while operating in a hanging condition without any restriction to the suction.

Model Selection
50 HSR2.4S 0.4 Single Capacitor Run